Swim Club Memberships

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Our Activity Pool is perfect for families with younger children, toddlers will love the caterpillar, butterfly, beaver, geysers, log slide and spray hoop features. Older kids will enjoy the vortex, water cannons, lily pads, and dumping buckets.

2019 Memberships

Weekday Memberships

  • Monday - Friday only
  • Monday, June 17th - Friday, August 30th
  • Excludes Thursday July 4th.
  • $225.00 per person
  • (3 years of age or older)
  • Children under 2 years of age and under are free!

Seasonal Memberships

  • Saturday, May 25th - Monday, September 2nd
  • Weekends only until Monday, June 17th.
  • $375.00 per person
  • (3 years of age or older)
  • Children under 2 years of age and under are free!
  • Swim Club opens at 11:0 0AM and closes at dusk.

Activity Pool Features

Zero Depth Entry Area
Lemon Drops
 Log Slide

Spray Hoop
Water Curtain
Dumping Buckets
Water Basketball
Water Cannons

Quiet Nook for Parents
Picnic Area
Lily Pads
Water Dome
Water Volleyball

Miscellaneous Information

Visitors: No more than 6 guests per family. Guest fee is $10.00 per person per day, paid by cash only. Remember, if you are expecting visitors, they must be registered at the booth/office upon your entering the park. You are responsible for the actions of your guests. You must be present. If they are not registered, they will be turned away. We hope to eliminate the trend of people’s names being used to enter our facility. If a swim club member is caught bringing in guests without paying for them, or giving their membership to someone else to use, they will have their membership terminated and will no longer be permitted on the property. We are not open to the public and do not have day passes. You must be a member or registered guest of a member in order to use the facilities.

Store Menu: Don’t forget that our store serves steaks, pizza, fries, wings and much more. Pick up a menu at the store. We look forward to seeing everyone for the 2019 season!


Applies to all swimclub members, campers, guests and anyone else on property.

  1. MEMBER ID - After purchasing a membership you must upload a picture of the member/members for identification. NO PHOTO, NO ADMITTANCE
  2. NO alcoholic beverages
  3. NO pets
  4. Please do not litter. We keep the grounds clean, your help is appreciated. Use trash receptacles that are provided.
  5. Parents are responsible for the action and safety of their guests & children, our lifeguards are not babysitters. Please make sure to go over all rules with all family members and guests.
  6. Children that are NOT potty trained must always wear swim diapers to go into lake or pool.
  7. No children under 16 will be admitted into park without an adult.
  8. Do not play with or remove lifesaving equipment and listen to the lifeguards at all times.
  9. Swimming is prohibited during thunder or lightning as is playing on the beach. Should thunder or lightning be heard, the pools, lake and beach will not reopen until no thunder or lightning has been seen or heard for 40 minutes.
  10. Swimmers shall leave the water immediately when told to do so.
  11. Persons suspected of being under the influence of drugs or alcohol shall be prohibited from entering the water.
  12. Do not roughhouse in water, push or shove on any of the docks. Do not throw sand.
  13. No swimming outside the designated area.
  14. No fishing within the swimming area.
  15. There will be only one person at a time on the diving board. Only one bounce on the diving board.
  16. You are not permitted to bring in your personal boat (swim club members & guests/campers guests).
  17. No running on the beach or in the pool area.
  18. NO LARGE BLOW UPS in the lake or pool. Lifeguards have final discretion as to what constitutes a large blow up.
  19. No glass in the pool areas. And just because you put it in a cozy doesn’t magically turn it into a can.
  20. Obey ALL rules in the pool and beach area and make sure all members of your family and your guests are aware of our rules and regulations. You are responsible for the actions of your children and any guests you have.
  21. Rope swing: 1. One person on the rope/or ladder at a time. 2. Do not swing back to ladder or dock. 3. Do not jump or dive from ladder. 4. Do not swing on rope if someone is in the drop zone. 5. Do not climb the rope.
  22. No refund or rain check due to weather and lake or pool closing.
  23. GUESTS - We are a private facility that is NOT open to the public and therefore do not have day passes. However, members are permitted up to 6 guests a day and the guest fee is $10.00 per person for persons aged 3 and up and is to be paid by CASH ONLY. NO cards or checks will be accepted for the guest fee.

    Once again, we are not open to the public and all swimclub guests MUST be registered that day at the gate, when you the member arrive, or they will be turned away. THE MEMBER MUST BE PRESENT AND CHECKED IN, IN ORDER TO HAVE GUESTS. If you the member are not checked in, anyone trying to come in under your name will be turned away. And if you are checked in but did not make us aware that you would be having guests that day when you came through, they will not be permitted to enter.
  24. WEEKDAY PASSES - Weekday passes may be used Monday-Friday only (excludes 4th of July) starting Monday, June 17th and ending Friday, August 30th.
  25. SEASON PASSES - Season passes may be used weekends only starting Saturday, May 25th until Monday, June 17th, then every day until Labor Day, September 2nd.

    New for 2019 for our Season members only, we will be open Fridays May 31st and June 7th, and 14th starting at 3pm until dusk. We will not open until 3pm those days.
  26. NO water balloons of any kind in pool/lake area
  27. Children must be 48” to go into pool/lake alone. If a child needs a life vest, swimmies or some other kind of flotation device, REGARDLESS OF HEIGHT, that tells us the child is not a strong swimmer and they MUST HAVE AN ADULT WITH THEM.

    Just so we are all clear on this point:
    These are YOUR kids, YOU had them, YOU watch them!!
  28. Sun tents can NOT have walls to them. We must be able to see through them to the water.


  1. We are not responsible for fire, theft, wind, hail, unicorn gouging or water damage.
  2. You must supply your own lock & remove by Labor Day. ALL CONTENTS & LOCK must be removed by Labor Day, or we will assume lock and contents are abandoned and will be disposed of promptly.

Rental Boats

  1. Do not swim or dive from any boat and remain seated at all times.
  2. Do not overload boats, 3 in a canoe, 3 in a rowboat 4 in a paddleboat is the limit. ALL must have life preservers on and an adult must be in the boat at all times. Must be 18 to rent any boat. All persons 18 and over going out in our rental boats must come up to the office and fill out a waiver form before going out.
  3. You must return by designated time when renting boats or additional fee will be charged.

Wibit Inflatable

  1. If a child is in swimmies, life jacket or any other type of flotation device then an adult MUST BE WITH THEM on the inflatable.

Management reserves the right to change the rules and regulations and to evict for any infraction. The beach opens at 11:00a.m. and closes at dusk. All swimclub members and their guests are to leave the premises before dark. Swimmers who are guests of campers may get permission to stay by making arrangements at the office.

Management assumes no responsibility for loss by fire, theft and accidents.